Why I Boldly Walked Away from Wall Street to Help Main Street

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A membership to my Profits Unlimited service gives you access to my best stock recommendations, research and ideas. You basically get full, unfiltered access to me — a Wall Street pro — so that you have the chance to make a fortune in the stock market. (We are already up 1,242%.) Here’s everything you will get today …

  • My Model Portfolio:This portfolio includes every stock on my “buy list.” I give you the name, ticker symbol, price to buy it at and total returns. It’s very simple to use.
  • Trade Alerts:I will send you trade alerts via email when it’s time to make a trade in the model portfolio. It will tell you exactly what to buy or sell and how to do it.
  • Weekly Updates:Every Tuesday, I will update you on our current investments and what’s happening in the markets.
  • Monthly Issues:This easy-to-read, eight-page report dives into a specific investment topic … usually revolving around a new investment I am targeting.
  • Access to My Website:I keep all my latest material on an encrypted website that members can access at anytime, anywhere.
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team:If you ever have questions about your membership, simply give one of my team members a call. They will walk you through anything you need.
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My Track Record of Success ... 100%

We have made total returns of 1,242% since inception (June 2016). Members of Profits Unlimited are raving ... simply scroll through below to see what they have to say.

I couldn’t be happier ... If my math is correct, I am up about $23K based on your recommendations! 

— Lars A.

Your recommendations have brought in over $26,000 in the last 3 months!

— Mike P.

Dear Amazing Paul: My reading on Jan. 20, 2017 gave me a profit of $45,000.

— Balwant S.

Portfolio is up overall 21%, and I am up about $25,000. Extremely happy with your recommendations.

— Doug G.

My decision to join Paul has turned out to be my best financial decision ever. Since November my portfolio has zoomed over 43% and I’m ecstatic.

— David

I have made over $120K since late last summer. That is a 55% gain in my portfolio. Thanks for your insight and great stock picks!

— Susan

In a less than 2 months, I have seen my portfolio value grow more than $5,000.

— Jae K.

My portfolio is up 157% since the last part of November. Almost $10,000 in just over 2 months! Unbelievable!

— Deena V.

My account is up 13.6% in less than 3 months. Now, that’s fun! Thank you so much. I am looking forward to a lot more fun ahead!

— Larry G.

My portfolio is up 142% total gains across all the positions.

— Max G.


Who are you exactly?

My name is Paul Mampilly. I’m a former hedge fund manager, winning several accolades for my successful trading strategies.

I spent 25 years working at Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and ING, starting as an account administrator before moving up to a $150 billion asset management team.

In 2006, I was recruited by the two owners of a firm to be the key manager of their $5.6 billion hedge fund. Soon after I joined, the firm’s assets under management soared to $25 billion. In 2008, Barron’s named us one of the “World’s Best” funds. I’ve since appeared on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV.

A few years ago, I grew tired of the corporate greed and the 16-hour workdays on Wall Street. So I left. My family and I moved to the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina.

But I never stopped investing. In fact, I became an event better investor.

I’ve made gains of. . .

  • 2,539% on Sarepta Therapeutics.
  • 634% on Netflix.
  • 293% on Universal Display.
  • 264% on Stratasys.
  • 696% on Ariad Pharmaceuticals.
  • 355% on Exact Sciences.
  • 279% on Facebook.
  • 327% on Olympus.
  • 298% on Whole Foods.
  • 269% on Cemex.
  • 266% on Grifols.
  • 738% with Coeur Mining.

I truly enjoyed investing again.

But I also saw how many of my friends and loved ones were confused and frustrated by the stock market. So in 2016 I teamed up with a publisher by the name of Banyan Hill, with a goal of creating a new way to help people make money … and Profits Unlimited was born.

I put together a short video detailing my mission and how the service works. I posted it online, and within a year over 100,000 people joined.

I love helping people make money in the stock market. It’s extremely rewarding.

Do I make the investments or do you?

I do all the heavy lifting and give you a breakdown of the details and my easy-to-implement recommendation, but you make the final decision to invest or not. This puts you in control of your financial future. If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry … we have tutorials to walk you through how everything works. It’s extremely simple.

Does this take a lot of time?

It can take as little as five minutes a month if you just want to follow my recommendations. If you are interested in learning how to trade, I encourage you to read and listen to all the material … which might take you about an hour a month. It’s totally up to you.

I’m new to investing … is this still for me?

Yes. As soon as you sign up, I even give you a copy of our Investing 101 Guide … for FREE (a $49 value). We have people sign up from all walks of life … people who have never bought a stock before to people who are experienced traders. Some start with an investment account of just a few hundred dollars; others have $10 million in their account. That’s what’s so great about Profits Unlimited … it’s for everyone.

What if I sign up and don’t like it?

No worries. Just let my team know and we will stop your membership. A few people have done that, and that’s fine. No hard feelings. But the vast majority of those who sign up love it. I’ll be blunt … if you like making a ton of money in the stock market (stress-free!) then you will love Profits Unlimited.

Is this an aggressive investment strategy?

No. Not with me guiding you. I focus on mid- to large-cap stocks that are at the forefront of massive new industries. At the moment, every single one of our open positions are up. (We are 19 for 19 with profits of 28% to 235%.)

Do you ever have losses?

We do have losses from time to time. However, I limit the losses to just 8% to 12% with my strategy … if any stock hits our stop-loss, I will email you so that you can sell the position. It’s real simple and straightforward. When you add up all our wins and losses … the model portfolio is currently up 731% (since the inception of the service in June of 2016).

Is my price locked in at $7.95?

Yes. Once you sign up, you will be grandfathered in at the reduced rate of $7.95 a month for as long as you stay a member.

What is your strategy?

I find stocks that are “going up.” I know that sounds overly simplistic, but the reality is that most people like to buy stocks that are “going down.” They think they are getting a $50 stock at $25. They equate it to a sale at their local retail store. Here’s the thing … that $25 stock is more likely go down before it goes up (that’s statistically proven over the last 100 years). After all, stocks typically go down for a reason … sales are falling as the company loses its edge.

Instead, I find stocks that are going up.

I do this by focusing on companies at the forefront of an innovative industry that is about to explode. (Think of investing in Microsoft in the 1980s as computers were taking off, in Intel during the early 1990s as the internet emerged, in Apple in the early 2000s as smartphones exploded or in Tesla in 2010 as electric cars became accepted.)

Here’s the really basic explanation of my strategy…

  1. I track emerging billion-dollar (Think precision medicine, Internet of Things, big data, alternative energy, augmented reality, electric vehicles, etc.)
  2. Then I look for well-run and well-positioned companies that are set to profit as that billion-dollar industry grows.
  3. I focus on the company that already has surging sales growth.

Again, this is a very basic explanation of my strategy for finding stocks that are going up. There are dozens of other factors and ratios, but the great thing with Profits Unlimited is that you don’t need to know any of that. My team and I do all the heavy lifting for you so that you can enjoy the profits!

Get Started for Just $7.95 a Month

Simply click the button below to get started, and within the next minute you will have access to everything … my model portfolio, trade alerts, weekly updates, monthly issues, website access and a dedicated customer service team. I will even give you my Beginner’s Guide to Investing (a $49 value).

And if you like making tons of money in the stock market, simply let your membership auto-renew at $7.95 a month for as long as you would like. You can cancel or pause your membership whenever you would like. It’s super easy.

Bonus: Order within the next minutes and get my newest report 3 Explosive Stocks to Own Right Now for 1,000% Gains (a $99 value).
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